Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Awakening the Third Eye: Seeing the Earth's Planetary Etheric Field

I'm thinking of a dimension of physics and our perception of nature, connected to our Earth's sky and atmosphere, where "metaphysics" is a realm between the tangible and the intangible... When I learned about Nick Risinger's work - he created a special mount of rotating cameras to capture the night sky, and traveled 45,000 miles by air and 15,000 by land to create a composite of the celestial sphere surrounding our Earth - I was astounded. Looking at his images inspired me to post a essay I wrote several years ago about a perceptual exercise or process for seeing the Earth's energy field, which is subtle in nature and not unlike Risinger's image of the Milky Way, forms a kind of oval band shape around the Earth's ecliptic. That seems to be the universal form of heavenly bodies, moons, planets, stars and galaxies, as they extend and bend gravitational fields.

Perceiving the Earth's Etheric Field

In the very first Star Wars series viewers are introduced to a continual theme of "The Force." Obi-Wan Kenobi describes the Force as "an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together." In Indian traditions the concept is referred to "prana" and in Taoism and Chinese traditions it is referred to as "chi." Theosophists and some Western traditions refer to it as the ether, or the etheric field. These subtle energies and frequencies of light are said to be present at the edge of the visible spectrum of light, surrounding living things, and under certain conditions one can even seen this field in the sky, around our planet. I wrote this exercise to help people see this energy phenomena, and to develop more of an appreciation of the mysterious beauty of the natural world we live in.

This perceptual process/meditative practice can help one develop etheric vision, and extend that vision beyond our immediate terrestrial surroundings into seeing the etheric field of the atmosphere of the Earth itself. It is essentially a mystical experience that also helps us develop a deeper connection and sensitivity to the Earth and our celestial environment.

The best time to do this exercise is a day before the Full Moon, because the position of the Moon on the eastern horizon opposite the Sun setting in the west increases the reflection of the light of the Sun's rays, bending the Sun's light in the Earth's atmosphere, which in turn heightens the visual conditions for seeing the etheric field. From another perspective, one can say the Full Moon expands the Sun's light and its aura, which makes the planetary etheric field more visible. You can still do this exercise at sunset during any phase of the Moon, at any time of the year, although the day before the Full Moon is the best day. (Just as a point of note, the day before the Full Moon is also one the best times to see or photograph a sunset; if the sky is clear, invariably the Moon's position will capture the Sun's rays, yielding a bright orange sky.)

To try this exercise, you need to take about an hour and a half or so at sunset, depending on the time that you start the meditation. You should try this exercise in a park or out in a rural area, away from too many distractions of city lights, noise, buildings, etc. Just as the sun is setting, face southwest, in the general direction of the sunset, and start looking at the trees, bushes and shrubs around you. After the sun sets and shadows start to blur the outlines of the trees, allow your eyes to focus on the area around one particular tree. You may see a fuzzy energy or a hazy flickering of light around the tree, extending from its outline into the body of the tree, which is the tree's etheric field. As you begin to sense and perceive this flickering energy around the tree, allow your eyes to move along the outline of the tree to another nearby tree or shrub, again perceiving the flickering outline of energy. As you move your eyes around the outline of the trees and shrubs, you will see more of the etheric field of nature around you. The etheric fields of the trees, plants, shrubs, etc., blend and merge into each other.

After you developed some perception and sensitivity to the etheric field, from time to time look up at the sky after the sun has set. Look at the etheric fields of the plant life around you as they blend into each other, and then look toward the horizon and up at the sky, as it grows darker with the sunset. Try to see the Sun's rays extending after the Sun has gone below the horizon, and remember that you are seeing the Sun's aura in the form of those rays. Some sunset rays are more brilliant and visible, refracting from cloud formations and atmospheric conditions, and other sunset rays are less visible, but consciously trying to see and visualize them helps to build your etheric vision. (On the day before the Full Moon tends to be the rays of the sunset tend to be brighter than at any other time, depending on cloud conditions.) In particular, look at the ecliptic, the general path the sun follows through the sky during the day. As the sky gets darker you will notice one or two stars coming out while the sky is still somewhat a medium hue of blue; this is the light of the planets piercing the Earth's atmosphere. Keep moving your eyes between the terrestrial etheric fields you are seeing around you and the planetary light that has pierced the sky. Depending on what planets are visible, you might typically see Venus first, and then maybe Mars, Jupiter or Saturn, depending on time of the year and what planets are visible above the horizon at that time. Sometimes the star Sirius is also visible in the general area of the ecliptic, as one of the brightest heavenly bodies appearing after sunset. If you look in the region where the planets are to be seen, you'll see that they fall into alignment in the general region of the Sun's path through the sky.

As you see the planets' light pierce the Earth's atmosphere, look for a subtle connection between the light of the planets and ecliptic, where the sun has passed through the sky. Continually move your eyes back and forth between the outline of the trees and shrubs around you, and the swath of space where the planets are appearing in the night sky, along the path of the Sun. When you look back at the planets in the sky, consciously try to look through your third eye, and see a swath of energy that is somewhat similar to the energy you saw around the trees and shrubs. Allow your eyes to shift focus from your more immediate field of vision to include peripheral vision, but focused through your mind and your third eye. As the stars come out, you may see or sense a dimension of energy extending along the pathway in the sky that you have been looking at. This dimension of energy is the planetary etheric field, or more correctly, it is actually the etheric field of the Sun, as it extends around and embodies our Earth and the other planets in the solar system. But since we are on Earth, we perceive it as our Earth's planetary etheric field. But it is actually an extension of the Sun's etheric field, and just like the etheric fields of the trees and plants in our terrestrial environment blend together, so too does the Earth's planetary etheric field blend together with the Solar etheric field.

The etheric dimension is the gateway to higher perception, and it is the dimension where we begin to experience that everything in the Universe is One, part of the same Life Force and energy field.


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